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    LQ-SGSCP-SY semi-automatic brake pad special testing machineLocation: Home > Products
    Name:  LQ-SGSCP-SY semi-automatic brake pad special testing machine
    We have all the video on youtube, welcome to contact and ask.
    This machine can are produced for experiment.
      High precision:This machine is special for brake pad of cars and motor bikes. Low energy consumption, low noise ,low oil temperature. The main hydro-cylinder adopted no flange structure to improve the leak resistance performance. The high hardness alloy steel used for the main piston rod to increase the wear resistance. The totally enclosed structure for the oil box and electric box are dust-proof.
       Advanced Function: Loading the steel sheet and the powder of the brake pad are done out of the maching to ensure the operation safety. During the pressing, the middle mould will be locked automatically to avoid the leaking of the material. And it has the function of separating automatically, The bottom mold, the middle mold, and the top mold can move automatically, which will make full use of the mold area, improve the production and save labor.